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Exciting Experience !!

Dive into a dynamic badminton world with Smashing Feathers. Engage with global characters, and experience intuitive swipe controls tailored for both casual fun and competitive mastery.

  • rudy
    From the vibrant heart of Indonesia bursts Rudy, a dynamo both on and off the badminton court. With energy that could power a city, he's not just playing games — he's on a spirited quest for that elusive first championship trophy!
  • Thanya
    A vivacious badminton sensation, Thanya exudes joy with every move. Armed with a sharp wit and a love for Thailand's boldest flavors, she's the perfect fusion of fiery spirit and infectious charm. The courts have never seen a star with such spicy flair!
  • lulu
    From China's badminton clan champion, our spirited heroine shines on court but grapples with legacy pressures and insatiable craving for scrumptious denial.
  • oda
    From Japan's neon-lit streets comes a badminton protege with titles aplenty! While he plots match-winning strategies, he's also turning heads with his flashy fashion. He's not just serving shuttles - he's dishing out runway - ready looks with every step!